The text "The listener" on top of a sound wave that go into a ear on their left side

The Listener

Provides a listening ear to its clients. In each session, we listen to what you have to say, make meaning of what is being said, and empathize with you in a safe space.

We Believe

Out of all the communication skills we use regularly, listening ranks at the top in importance. And yet, somehow, in the rush to speak and argue for action, listening has gotten lost and its salience forgotten—listening is, after all a passive activity, isn’t it? We cannot emphasise enough the critical nature of effective listening. After all, biologically, we have two ears and only one mouth.

The conceptualisation of a listening service fulfilling the needs of those who want to be heard was birthed 2 years ago and was launched in April 2023.

The Listener Pte Ltd is a member of the International Listening Association.

It would cost SGD70 for a 40 minutes listening session with free coffee. If you are facing some financial challenges, do talk to us in regards to the fee.

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